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Turn drawings into playable FPS levels! This tool allows you to prototype first-person shooter mechanics and level blockout. Just draw a top-down view of your map, snap a photo with the Android app, and start playing your level!

Lines, squares, rectangles and triangles will generate walls/obstacles, while other shapes like circles will place an enemy. The plan is to support more things in the future.

Editing the Level: press the settings button to show additional options. Press the camera toggle to show/hide the camera. You can also swap cameras if your device has more than one. When in camera mode, press the '+' button to take a picture of your top-down drawing. After the shapes are processed, press the checkmark button to begin playing!

FPS Controls: there are two virtual joysticks. The one on the lower left corner of the screen is for moving your character, and the one on the lower right corner is for looking around. Touch the upper right corner of the screen to shoot. Touch with two fingers to aim down sights.

Powered by: Unity, OPSIVE uFPS, Polygon Blacksmith's ToonSoldiers Demo asset, Adobe Mixamo, Kevin Blake's "Mobile Touch Floating Joystick", and OpenCV.


pic2fps_version_007.apk 43 MB

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